Bespoke Edge

Bespoke Edge is a family-run company based in Denver, specializing in completely custom men’s clothing. With their engaging, appointment-based approach, they make sure that designing custom menswear is easy, fast and affordable. The craftsmen at Bespoke Edge can make custom tuxedos, suits, pants, jackets, vests and shirts, and allow their clients to choose every detail, all the way down to the color of thread used in their custom garment. This attention to detail puts Bespoke Edge at the top of our list for menswear, particularly for wedding tuxes and suits.

Honeycomb & Co.

Honeycomb & Co. is a market-style floral shop specializing in beautiful, unique botanical creations and distinctive yet affordable decor. Located in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood, Honeycomb & Co. stocks fresh flowers daily, with new inventory from local markets to ensure the freshest blooms are available for their customers. The florists at Honeycomb create beautiful pre-made bouquets, individual flowers, beautiful home decor arrangements, and custom floral design for weddings and events. We love their use of unique and unusual flowers and plants so much that we feature their beautiful arrangements at our headquarters.


Specializing in wedding and portrait photography, Heirloomsnaps captures authentic, iconic photographs for their clients. The photographers at Heirloomsnaps use state-of-the-art photography equipment to ensure that each photo they take highlights the beauty and honesty of every moment. Heirloomsnaps’ photographers draw inspiration from classic portraiture and photography, and reveal the unique personality and style of each person they capture. They are our go-to photographers for our styled shoots.

Jolie & Co

Made in right here in Denver, Colorado, Jolie is an all-encompassing stationary company with the ability and vision to support clients with all of their paper needs. From thank you notes to event invitations for the largest of gathering, Jolie has you covered. Jolie’s design aesethetic draws from the latest trends in fashion to result in fresh and vibrant stationary pieces. Using unique papers crafted around the globe, along with high end printing techniques like letterpress and foil stamping. Jolie is our go-to for custom stationary and prints.