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“I worked with Abby repurposing some vintage jewelry that had been sitting in a drawer. I felt so taken care every step of the way…. from the initial consult, to the design process to the end result…. Abby and her team were rock stars (pun intended). I’m absolutely in love with my “new” earrings and necklace. Abby made the process easy and most importantly FUN. I felt that she truly understood my design aesthetic and executed beyond my expectations. Soooo happy with my jewels!!!” – Liz, Denver, CO

“Just wanted to let you know that Ryan gave me the ring you created. It is beyond beautiful and I can’t imagine a ring that would be a better fit. me and my personality. I am so happy and so grateful that my ring came from a local, woman owned and operated business! Bad bitches of the world unite and take over! So happy and so thankful!!” – Nicole, Denver, CO

“Amazing, no other way to put it!!! I was nervous as can be, as well as completely clueless in regards to engagement rings when I first met with Abby. She did an amazing job guiding me through all the different options from the classic styles and gems to some more unique options. After countless phone calls and text messages, she helped me land on the perfect ring for my proposal. My new fiancé was thrilled by the ring and is excited to plan a custom wedding band with Abby!”
Mike J. Denver, CO

“I met Abby years back over discussions of professional career development. Not only is she an amazing artist and jewelry designer, Abby has a knack for mentoring and coaching people of all ages and backgrounds – a key element that speaks to the success of Abby Sparks Jewelry. especially for those of us who rarely or have never worn jewelry.

As my wedding neared, I was anxious and nervous to find the most exquisite, yet affordable engagement ring and wedding band for my wife. Abby guided me through the entire process and never let me down. Even when I was nervous to give her more control over the design and construction, she nailed every little aspect that fit perfectly in both my eyes and my wife’s eyes (it’s like she knew my wife without meeting her and was able to extract both male and female elements to construct the perfect rings). I was stunned…absolutely stunned.

At that point in time, my wife, loving the engagement ring, called upon Abby for a daunting task of designing my wedding band. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, with a strong corporate finance background. I don’t like to walk into any jewelry store and simply buy whatever someone thought would be a good fit for the general populous. I also never wear jewelry.

Abby diligently worked through designs with my wife and what she created was out of this world. It has a D and N woven through a W (Dave & Nataliya Wilson), unique and manly shapes, rough sapphires (no sparkles) and wording both inside and out (including the date on the outside so I don’t forget :)…).

Seriously – for any guy out there who is like me, look no further. Whether it’s for your wedding or a fun custom piece, anywhere else you go will simply be a waste of your valuable time and hard-earned cash, especially once you talk to others who “have something just like that!” And even if you could care less what others think, it’s an amazing feeling of pride to wear a high quality custom piece you know is built just for you, especially if you have the opportunity to share that bond with your significant other.”
Dave W. Denver, CO

“Amazing, One-of- Kind Engagement Ring

My husband and I own five beautiful, fully custom Abby Sparks jewelry pieces between the two us. My husband first made Abby’s acquaintance when searching for an engagement ring for me and since then we can’t imagine purchasing jewelry any other way.
Abby is a brilliant artist and develops each design specifically to what you desire and what you didn’t know was possible. In the case of my engagement ring, I had a very specific band style in mind and yet my husband could not find it at any jewelry store, including Tiffany & Co and Hyde Park. Can you imagine going to Tiffany’s and dictating exactly the style, material and design of your ring from initial inception all the way through final outcome? We tried…and definitely did not get the exceptional experience we got with Abby.
Abby provides an extremely personalized and custom, not customized, experience that’s unparalleled. She provided thoughtfully laid out design options without overwhelming us with choices, this made the design process a ton of fun and that more meaningful to our engagement and marriage. My husband also appreciated the transparent approach Abby took with stone choices. He felt informed, educated and unbiased every step of the way. There’s absolutely no one else we trust for jewelry other than Abby Sparks.

An Amazing Wedding Band to Compliment an Amazing, Abby Sparks Engagement Ring

Since I was already amazed with my Abby Sparks Jewelry engagement ring, I trusted Abby implicitly to design a gorgeous wedding band that would both compliment my engagement ring and hold its own if worn separately. I asked Abby and my husband to surprise me because I had, and continue to have, 120% confidence that Abby’s designs will exceed my expectations and wildest dreams (I have confidence in my husband too ).
Abby is incredibly thoughtful and honest. For example, Abby urged my husband to consider smaller size stones based on my aesthetic and how the two rings would pair together. This turned out to be a brilliant design choice, one that my husband completely agrees with and concedes that if not for Abby’s guidance he likely would not have made. My wedding band is both simple and intricate, elegant on its own yet not overly flashy and, when worn together, sets off my engagement ring beautifully.”
Nataliya W. Denver, CO

“Abby was great to work with! She listened intently to what we wanted and nailed it. She made me the coolest lightening bolt cuff links and also handmade me a wedding band, also known as a ManBand- not only does make engagement ring and jewelry for ladies but she appreciates what men want as well!”
Gabriel S. Berkeley, CA

“Abby tirelessly presented as many designs as I needed until we got the right one. She was professional, positive and encouraging through the whole process. She is a wonderful designer and person. We came up with the perfect ring! Her services included an appraisal of the finished piece and a lifetime 6-9 month check-in to make sure that the ring stays in good condition. Her staff was lovely as well. I can’t say enough great things about my experience with her and her business!”
Elizabeth G. Broomfield, CO

“My husband and I worked with Abby and her team to design my engagement ring, and it was a wonderful experience. Abby and her team have extremely high standards for quality and they truly want you to love your jewelry. Abby took the time to help us understand the differences in different materials and stones, to help our design vision come to life. I have complete trust that Abby sources stones with high quality and social responsibility in mind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for custom, high quality jewelry. The customer service, response time a professionalism of Abby and her team is also remarkable. I couldn’t recommend Abby more highly!” Amanda K. Denver, CO

“Abby produced a necklace for our 40th wedding anniversary consisting of rubies and diamonds in a gold placement. I could not have been more pleased with the final design and my wife truly loved the gift. I work full time in Italy and wanted a custom gift for my wife and communicated the design by sending sketches via an e-mail. Abby immediately generated several beautiful rendered concepts and pricing, we discussed the final design via phone calls and txt messages and moved forward in short order with a down payment. The final necklace match exactly the design requested including the engraving of initials and dates on the back. The schedule was compressed as I was returning to the States to celebrate the anniversary and the necklace needed to be ready on a very specific date. Abby met this date and it was a pleasure to finally meet Abby in person when I picked up the completed design. Thanks Abby for your great customer service and for listening and exceeding my expectations for this really important gift.” Steve B. San Francisco, CA

“This woman and her team are absolutely amazing!!! My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years and when we moved back to Colorado we both were ready to take the next step. I inherited a family ring that I was going to use and redesign to make it more personal – all we needed to find was a jeweler to bring it to life.
I found Abby through social media and I absolutely loved her work because it wasn’t cookie cutter and there was a lot of variety- a true test that she can do anything you ask. I set up a meeting immediately and let me tell you she blew mine and my boyfriends socks off! She was so incredibly personable, straight forward, kind, and genuine. She got exactly what I wanted and took us step by step with what to expect through the process.
She keeps us in the loop when there is progress being made on the ring and she (as well as her team) are always available for questions and really anything you need. I have never had such great customer service from anyone in any situation. She goes above and beyond for her clients and it is obvious how much they care about their work.
I haven’t seen the final product yet but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it will be spectacular. Do yourself a favor and go to her- you will not be disappointed!” Katy R. Beaverton, OR

“Abby worked with my husband for my engagement ring and then with the both of us for my wedding band. Her work is STELLAR! We are so happy with the service provided during the entire process. I love telling everyone that asks about my ring (which happens ALL THE TIME) that it is a one-of-a-kind and was designed specifically for me. It will always be my favorite piece of jewelry. I can’t recommend Abby enough!” Stephanie H. Denver, CO

 “I have recently purchased my second ring from Abby Sparks Jewelry.  I purchase four gems while on a trip to Brazil last year,  and had Abby Sparks create designs for each stone.  Two of the rings are gifts, one for my mom, the other for my sister.  The first ring was made into a piece fit for a queen.  It was a pear shape citrine surrounded by sapphires in a gold setting.  My mother loved it, and so did all my friends!  I like it so much I was tempted to keep it for myself.  The second ring was recently finished, and is completely different from the first.  Its a green tourmaline with pink sapphires on the sides, set in rhodium plated silver.  It has some serious rockability.  It is such a great ring, I can dress it down or up, and have been getting many compliments on it.  The best part is that they are unique pieces, with a great story behind them, and an even better design experience that will forever make me completely attached to them.  I am a very satisfied customer, and can’t wait for my other two rings!  If you want to see my rings, they are displayed on Abby Sparks Jewelry Facebook Page, her page documents the design process, and final results.  I definitely recommend Abby Sparks Jewelry for your next jewelry purchase!”
Sandra R., Denver, CO

“We just received an absolutely perfect custom wedding band for my fiancé and could not be happier with Abby’s work! As this was our first time purchasing custom jewelry, we were so happy to be able to meet with Abby to talk through our ideas and get her input. She is extremely professional and made us feel so comfortable from the start. We knew we could trust her to bring our vision to life while adding her own design experience. 

After our initial meeting with Abby, she drew up potential designs. Although the drawings are somewhat hard to visualize the final product from, trust me when I say that the final product will be amazing. We then chose the design we wanted and I even got to add a secret engraving to the ring. From then it took 5 weeks to get the final product. I did take a little longer than we had anticipated from the brainstorming stage to getting the final product, but it was well worth the wait and we have time to spare before our big day. 

When we met Abby to pick up the ring, I had no idea what to expect. Of course, the ring was perfect- it is masculine, clean-cut, stylish, and unique. Abby was able to process our credit card right in the coffee shop and is able to clean or size the ring at any time. We are so happy with our decision to have a custom design. We can’t wait until he can wear it all the time!” M.C., Broomfield, CO

“I love every single creation! I just purchased my first two pieces and could not be happier with them. They are high quality, unique and beautiful!! I look forward to a long lasting jewelry buying (and designing) relationship with Abby. Creative imagination to make you sparkle!!” Wendi L., Centennial, CO

“Let me start by saying Abby is amazing to work with! Both herself and her assistant Lindsay are focused on detail and designing the perfect ring. My original engagement ring was also custom made, but the quality was less than professional. The ring itself was so heavy due to all the gold used, their are emeralds in my ring and gold was folded over the emeralds. Abby really listened to what I wanted in my dream ring and she made it a reality. She also made sure to keep my ring small. I’m a size 5 and my ring has 3 half carat diamonds so it could have been easy to make the design feel heavy. She also designed a ring that looked just like me. I did a lot of research on other designers in Denver and all their rings look alike. Abby truly designs the ring for you, that fits your style not her own. I am truly happy with my engagement ring and wedding band. I’m so pleased I’m planning on using some emeralds from my original ring to design a pendent for my mother. If you are looking for a custom designed piece Abby is the only way to go!” Jacqueline C., Denver, CO

“I don’t usually wear jewelry so my (now) fiance had quite the challenge ahead of him while shopping for my engagement ring. Thankfully, he went to Abby! I received the most beautiful custom engagement ring that is just perfect for me – I have had strangers stop me to look at it and comment on how beautiful and unique it is. The ring was a surprise so I wasn’t involved in the design process but I can see the bits and pieces of the ring that my sweet fiance would have picked out all brought together by Abby’s keen eye for design. She knew exactly what style would suit me!

In addition to being one-of-a-kind, Abby ensures that her diamonds and jewels are responsibly sourced – something that can’t be said for most of the jewelry industry. Abby Sparks Jewelry is the place to go for the morally conscious consumer!” Lauren B., Albany, NY

“I am so glad we chose Abby Sparks for our engagement ring design. We worked primarily with Brittney, who was attentive and communicative. She selected the most wonderful array of stones to complement a family diamond in a halo setting. She diligently communicated our vision with the design team, and was clear and timely with their responses.

The Abby Sparks team can create whatever you dream up, so it was helpful to begin the process with a clear idea of what we liked and what we didn’t like. Their input related mostly to the structure of the ring, allowing us to make all of the aesthetic choices. I adore the ring, and I look forward to wearing it on a daily basis. Already brainstorming the wedding bands to match!” Molly T., Denver, CO

“You are guaranteed an amazing experience if you work with Abby Sparks! Very professional with exquisite design aesthetic, Abby will make sure you are completely in love with your custom jewelry. Besides receiving a wonderful piece, I was pleasantly surprised with how accommodating the team was to my crazy schedule! They brought the ring to my office!!! Not many companies would do that, actually none that I know of.

Go on and book your consultation.” Maria K., Denver, CO

“My fiance went to Abby for my engagement ring (good choice!) and worked with her to come up with a beautiful and unique design. I wasn’t involved much in the design process because he wanted to surprise me, but I felt so confident that Abby would create something special I wasn’t worried at all! We had vintage family diamonds that went in to the engagement ring, and Abby made those beauties a perfect setting! I get complimented on my ring all the time, people’s jaws literally drop when they see it. My fiance was so proud to give me that ring, and I’m exited to wear it for forever! I would recommend Abby to anyone, she really has a great eye for design. I’m looking forward to another reason to work with her again!” Amber V., Fort Collins, CO

“I knew that I wanted a custom engagement ring when I proposed. I searched around for a while, because I wanted to find the right person to help me design and create the ring with the utmost quality. Abby was excellent. The process was very collaborative, but I was able to rely on her expertise and experience when needed. The ring turned out wonderfully and I (and my now wife) couldn’t have been more pleased. I can’t give her a higher recommendation! If you are going custom then definitely go with Abby!”
Brad R. Denver, CO