Fashion trends come and go, and it’s no different with jewelry. From custom engagement rings to earrings, there are endless possibilities when comes to designing your own custom jewelry.

In 2016, there’s a new trend that has gone from the hair world to the jewelry world: ombre. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ombre means “having colors or tones that shade into each other.” It’s simple, but it can be done a variety of ways.

The most common way to use the ombre effect is by using the same stone, just varying in color. Take the photo below of The Molly. The center stone is a 0.75 carat diamond, and it is accompanied by a halo of different colored diamonds. Black diamonds, champagne diamonds and white diamonds are used to create the effect, which gives this custom engagement ring a whole new and trendy look.


If you’re looking to design a custom engagement ring that has a creative design, go with different stones and colors! First, select a color palette you like. For instance, you could go with black to white like the above, or you could go outside the box with blue sapphire, red rubies, pink kunzites, etc. You could even have a halo of all the colors of the rainbow if you wanted to.

Again, the possibilities are endless. After all, a custom engagement or wedding ring should be beautiful, fun and be a reflection of who you are.

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