What is a proposal ring? This tiny, sparkly object has a big job. It signifies the next big step in your partner and your’s relationship – ENGAGEMENT! First things first: a proposal ring is most often referred to as an engagement ring. An engagement ring has long been the traditional symbol of a proposal, and once you’re ready to get down on one knee, you’re going to need one. The decision to propose is not an everyday affair, so choosing the ring should be a special and thoughtful experience. But to begin, we will break down a few of the basics to help you understand the key aspects.

What is the Purpose of a Proposal Ring?

The ring given at the proposal, otherwise known as the engagement ring, is of great significance. Not only is it a sentiment of your love and commitment, but it’s the very first tangible piece of evidence that you and your partner are starting on a journey to spend the rest of your lives together (woo!). During your proposal you’ll place the ring on her left ring finger and she’ll wear it with pride until your wedding day and beyond.

What is the Difference Between a Proposal Ring and a Wedding Ring?

During the actual wedding ceremony is when you and your wife-to-be will exchange wedding rings. Wedding rings are worn by both members of a couple and symbolize the commitment you share through marriage. The difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is mainly timing and design. The wedding ring is typically more simple and less extravagant than its sparkly counterpart and it is exchanged after both spouses have said their vows. Although some women opt to have one ring serve both roles, many couples shop for wedding rings together and choose for them to match the ring given during the proposal. Matching sets create a consistent appearance and accentuate her engagement ring.

Why is a Proposal Ring so Important?

To a woman, a proposal or engagement ring means a lifetime commitment. It means that to you too, of course, but to her – there are years of disney movies, romantic movies, family stories, and dreams about getting engaged. We have clients who ask us why this “thing” matters so much. To her, it’s more than just a thing. It’s a symbol of your love and commitment. It is really important to put some effort into the ring, because it shows that you care, that you love her, and it reaffirms to her the specialness of how big sharing a life together is. It is the ultimate symbol of starting this journey together, officially.

Do I need a Ring in Order to Propose?

YES! No matter how modest your partner is, we always, always, always encourage you to have a ring when you propose. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have already found her perfect engagement ring before you get on one knee. We offer the loaner ring, a temporary engagement ring, that allows you to have a successful proposal and then later create her dream engagement ring so you can be confident that she’ll cherish her engagement ring forever.

How Can You Find a Proposal Ring?

If you’re trying to find a proposal ring, it’s better to use the term ‘engagement ring,”. You’ll find endless results because jewelry providers like us typically use the term engagement ring. Yes, it is the ring behind that proposal that you use to propose with, but it is more commonly referred to as an engagement ring. So when you’re searching for that special ring that will get you engaged, type the term engagement ring into your google search bar!

Like anything in a relationship, a couple’s decisions regarding their engagement, wedding, and the rings involved are totally unique and personal. It is completely up to preferences, circumstances, and taste. So although there are guidelines people choose to follow for the sake of tradition and clarity, there is no true “right way” to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you.