Engraved and exquisite, The Corrie engagement ring was designed exclusively for Corrie and her unique love story.

Our client wanted to propose to Corrie with an engagement ring that is as unique and special as she is. Instead of the traditional diamond, we created Corrie’s engagement ring with a midnight blue sapphire center stone and an engraved message from her love within the band.

Metal: Palladium

Stone: 1.25 carat midnight blue sapphire, 0.25 ctw champagne diamonds, 0.35 ctw yellow canary diamonds

Price: Starting at $11,000

Note: This is one-of-a-kind and was designed exclusively for and named after one of our clients. It is non-replicated and not available for sale. If you’re inspired by this design and interested in re-creating a similar jewelry piece, or creating your own custom engagement ring from scratch, you can book an appointment HERE or contact us at 303-957-6502.

You just can’t top an engagement ring that not only matches their style, but was also created by the person who loves them the most. Visit our Custom Design Process page to see how you can propose with a ring made just for the love of your life.