Nature captured in white gold, The Emily nature inspired engagement ring was designed exclusively for Emily and her love of the outdoors.

Charlie and Emily spend a lot of time together outdoors so when he began his engagement ring search, he knew that he wanted nature included in the design. We created Emily a beautiful nature inspired handmade engagement ring with Grecian leaves in the diamond studded setting.

Metal: 18k white gold

Stone: 1.91 carat diamond; 0.6 ctw accent diamonds

Price: Starting at $38,000

Note: This is one-of-a-kind and was designed exclusively for and named after one of our clients. It is non-replicated and not available for sale. If you’re inspired by this design and interested in re-creating a similar jewelry piece, or creating your own custom engagement ring from scratch, you can book an appointment HERE or contact us at 303-957-6502.

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