Sleek and Subtle, The Jay custom palladium wedding band was designed exclusively for Jay.

As a trial lawyer, Jay didn’t want his ring to be loud or distracting. For a timeless and quiet aesthetic we finished this palladium band with a matte finish. The cross engraving on the inside of the band matches the cross we engraved in Jay’s wife, Sam’s band.

Learn more about palladium rings and see Jay’s wife Sam’s custom engagement ring here.

Metal: Palladium

Price: Starting at $5,000

Note: The Jay custom made men’s wedding band was designed exclusively for and named after our client. It is one-of-a-kind, non-replicated and not available for sale. If you’re inspired by this design and interested in re-creating a similar jewelry piece, or creating your own custom men’s wedding ring, you can book an appointment HERE or contact us at 303-957-6502.