Lab created diamonds – as you can figure by the name – are grown in a laboratory rather than mined from the Earth. It’s sparkle and fire amazes as much as any natural diamond.

A lab created diamond is not a fake diamond or diamond simulant: lab made diamonds are the real deal. These engineered diamonds have a composition chemically and structurally identical to mined diamonds. Following the same GIA grading, lab created diamonds are available in an array of colors, cuts, carats, and clarity types. However you like it, a lab has already created that diamond you’ve only dreamt of.

There are two methods to grow lab diamonds. The first uses advanced technology that mimics high pressure and temperature conditions found in the Earth to form crystals, while the second uses carbon rich vapor placed in a chamber where the stone’s crystal structure begins to form and build upon itself. In 90 days, a diamond is formed.

Lab diamonds are an ethical and less expensive alternative to mined diamonds. When you buy a lab created diamond engagement ring, you know exactly where your diamond came from. Lab diamonds are also priced about 15-20% less than their natural counterparts. For the budget conscious and green minded individual, a man made stone makes for the perfect centerpiece to an engagement ring.

Beautiful. Mindful. Unique. If you’re charmed by the quality of a lab created diamond engagement ring, book an appointment to get started designing your own custom engagement ring with Abby Sparks Jewelry. Request a lab grown diamond alternative and we’ll deliver.