We like to think that a budding romance makes you feel like you’re peering through rose colored lenses. When you’re ready to take your relationship from a bud to a bloom, invest in a rose gold engagement ring to remind you of your love’s blushing beginnings. In case you’re wondering: the rose gold trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Feminine, yet suitable for both sexes; contemporary, yet reminiscent of bygone eras; rose gold engagement rings appeal to those of us who find white gold too traditional and yellow gold too flashy. In terms of price, rose gold is comparable to gold engagement ring metals.

The allure of rose gold doesn’t lie purely in its visual appeal, but also in its durability. Don’t let the soft color fool you! Rose gold is just as sturdy as its gold alloy siblings. And the similarities don’t stop there. Rose gold metal gets its distinct color from adding copper to a gold alloy, resulting in a lighter, pinker appearance when the pure gold content is higher, and a darker, redder tone when higher amounts of copper are present. 

Abby Sparks Jewelry will craft a rose gold custom engagement ring that fully satisfies the kind of spirit who finds themselves swept away by rose gold’s dreamy tint. For the pink lovers out there, a morganite rose gold ring like the Alanna, achieves an unrivaled combination of soft rouge. For stunning contrast, choose a sapphire rose gold engagement ring like the Annabelle. Yearning to wrap a blush metal around your finger? Look no further than Abby Sparks Jewelry. Book an appointment to start creating your custom rose gold engagement ring.

Note: How to Clean Rose Gold

Routine cleaning and polishing is necessary to maintain the shine and integrity of rose gold. For rose gold engagement ring with a high polish, buff with a polishing cloth. Do not use a polishing cloth on matte or brushed jewelry as it will ruin the finish. If your rose gold setting is holding stones, soak your ring in warm water with non-organic dish soap and gently scrub with a soft cloth or very worn old toothbrush. Fine jewelry should be professionally cleaned every six months. For a deeper clean, Abby Sparks Jewelry provides clients with a yearly, complimentary VIP cleaning service to have your rose gold jewelry gleaming like new. Contact us to book a time for your jewelry cleaning.