Frequently Asked Questions

When were you established?

We were established in 2012.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in Denver, Colorado in the heart of the Highlands. Our private, appointment-only showroom and business office is at: 3216 Tejon St., Suite 200, Denver, CO 80211

Are there any additional services you provide?

In addition to our more common custom jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding rings, we also offer custom bridesmaid and groomsman gifts, ‘something blue’ custom jewelry, custom push presents, fine jewelry design consulting, heirloom re-design assessment, VIP cleaning and care, and fine jewelry repair.

Can you provide references upon request?

Yes, we’d be happy to.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, of course. If you’re working with us on a custom jewelry piece, we’re more than happy to provide you details about our commercial liability insurance policy.

Do you require a deposit beforehand?

Yes, we typically require a fifty percent deposit for all custom pieces, to be paid at commencement of a custom, commissioned jewelry piece.

How far in advance should clients book your services?

Depending on our demand, custom jewelry typically takes 5-6 weeks from initial design consultation to final product, so clients should book about 6-7 weeks out before they need a finished piece.

What accessories do you provide?

We provide custom wedding rings for men and women, custom engagement rings, custom earrings, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, broaches, money clips, and basically anything else that can be cast in precious metal.  If you can think of it, we can make it!

Does a client need to schedule an appointment? How do the appointments work?

We are appointment friendly, and we schedule initial design consultations in Denver at either our showroom in the Lower Highlands in Denver or in a coffee shop or meeting location that’s most convenient for our clients. We also offer design consultations over the phone or via Skype.  We’re your concierge jeweler!  Click here to book an appointment today.

What brands do you carry?

We only offer Abby Sparks original designs.  All of our jewelry is custom designed and handmade in Denver, Colorado.

Is your jewelry handcrafted?

All of our jewelry is handcrafted with utmost concern for craftsmanship and quality right here in Denver, Colorado.

Do you offer custom designs?

We actually specialize is custom designs, with each of our fine jewelry pieces custom designed just for you, for your unique story. All of our custom jewelry is one of a kind. You can learn more about true custom, not customized pieces here.

Do you offer ring sizing in-house? If yes, how long will an average custom order take, from initial contact to delivery?

We do offer ring sizing in-house, as well as ring repair. Ring sizing typically takes anywhere from a few business days up to a 1-2 weeks for rings with complicated designs and sensitive diamond or gemstone considerations.

Do you offer stone upgrades if the client purchases their original stone with you?

Yep!  At any time, clients can trade in their original Abby Sparks diamond-containing jewelry for a bigger and bolder diamond. For any Abby Sparks jewelry that contains an undamaged, unaltered diamond stone of 0.5 carats, we’ll gladly apply the original value of the diamond(s) towards the purchase price of the new, larger diamond(s) for a new, custom Abby Sparks Jewelry piece of jewelry.  Certain semi-precious, colored gemstones may fall under our “trade up” policy, however, it depends on type of stone, cut, size, and color quality.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Not yet, but we’re working on that.

Are you a credentialed Jeweler?

But of course!  We are members of the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA), Jewelers of America (JA), Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  We have a team of professional and certified bench jewelers on our team with more than 40 years combined experience.

Do you provide warranty on your jewelry?

Quality is our highest priority and we stand behind the craftsmanship and integrity of our jewelry. We want our clients to be completely happy with their one-of-a-kind pieces, so we will do what it takes to achieve this goal. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we want to know!  We provide a lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship.  However, we charge a nominal fee for repairs due to normal wear and tear.

How long does it take to make a custom piece?

Typically, a custom piece such as an engagement ring takes about 4-5 weeks from start to finish once the design is finalized. However, there are options for expediting the process if you need the custom jewelry item sooner.  Typically, it takes approximately 2 weeks to finalize a design unless clients already have a clear idea of their design.

What materials do you work with?

Metals – We work with the following precious and semi-precious metals:  14k/18k white gold, 14k/18k yellow gold, 14k/18k pink gold, platinum, palladium, and sterling silver.  We do not work with “industrial” non-precious metals such as titanium, cobalt, tungsten, and stainless steel nor base metals such as brass, bronze, and copper. Gems & Stones – We enjoy creating jewelry using white and color diamonds; however, we also love working with colored gemstones as well. Regardless of your style, we’re equal opportunity for bauble magic. We work with most gemstones and all colors of diamonds:  pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, ruby, emerald, citrine, topaz, quartz, tourmaline, green garnet, pearl, morganite, kunzite, black diamond, yellow diamond, pink diamond, white diamond …the list goes on! Other items – We do not work with many mediums that are sometimes times seen incorporated into jewelry but that don’t sustain the test of time such as wood, soft rocks, soft gemstones, shells, leather, enamel, animal skin, bone, and more.  We prefer to tell it straight and spare our clients the headache of having a “for a lifetime” piece that doesn’t, in fact, last a lifetime.  We aim to create custom jewelry that we know will withstand the test of time, not jewelry that won’t sustain a lifetime, much less only a few years of wear.

What types of jewelry do you make?

If you can think of it, we can make it!  We transform ideas into precious metal and gemstone masterpieces.  We make custom engagement rings, custom wedding rings (we even make highly tailored wedding bands designed to fit perfectly flush with uniquely shaped vintage engagement rings), custom ManBands (what we call our men’s wedding rings), custom bridesmaid or groomsman gifts, ‘something blue’ wedding day presents, push presents, custom jewelry using your loose diamonds or gemstones, custom engagement rings using diamonds or stones from family rings, anniversary gifts, etc.- the list goes on! We can make any type of custom fine jewelry: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, money clips, tie clips, cufflinks- again, we are metal and stone masters, so even if it’s not a standard jewelry item, we can probably make it.

Do you work with heirlooms? Can you use old or family diamonds to make new rings or other jewelry?

Diamonds and Gemstones – Yes, we make jewelry from old/dated jewelry or family heirlooms by using the diamonds and gemstones from an heirloom piece and re-purposing them into a new jewelry design. We love giving  family gems a fresh start in life via a “new” fine jewelry piece that not only provides a more earth-friendly/sustainable custom jewelry option, but also encompasses your unique aesthetic while also maintaining the sentimentality and family story/legacy embedded within the stones. Metal/Settings – We recycle the metal and settings from old or heirloom settings; however, we do not make ‘new’ pieces from a client’s exact sample of heirloom metal.  We recycle our client’s metal and use recycled metal to make our client’s new custom jewelry piece.  We like to think of it as an earth-friendly exchange of metals.

Can you engrave a band?

Yes! We can machine engrave or hand-engrave any precious metal band or ring using standard numbers and characters.  Additionally, since we are a highly customized jewelry outfit, we also have the ability to engrave other jewelry including pendants, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

What are your design parameters? What is the typical budget?

We typically have 2 approaches to designing so that our baubles don’t get crazy.  After all, small sparklers can have a mean monetary bite if left entirely to the imagination. We can design around what the client loves or around a budget. If you have a particular budget above our base starting point for custom fine jewelry of $1800, we pride ourselves on guiding people with designs and corresponding metals, gemstones & diamonds that best suite their financial needs but that still provide a great value, both visually and in quality.  Designing around what you love means that there isn’t a fixed budget, but rather a determined budget range for the general look and materials, to include gemstone or diamond sizes, that the client loves.  Either way, design parameters are part of a conversation that we have at the initial design consultation.

What is the price range of your custom jewelry?

Typically, our custom fine jewelry starting point is $1800 for a very simple design and modest use of gemstones and diamonds.  However, many factors impact the price of a custom piece such as gemstone preferences like type of stone, carat weight, cut and clarity.  Additional price influences include metal type, overall dimensions of a piece, design complexity and detail, rarity of gemstones to be sourced, quantity of gemstones to be set, and more. There is no maximum to the price range of our custom jewelry, as we are proud to have access to some of the world’s finest gemstone and diamond specimens. Additionally, since we are a custom outfit, our design possibilities are endless.

How do I get started?

Set up a design consultation using our online booking here to get serious about creating a custom jewelry piece or give us a call at 303.223.6478.  We’re happy to entertain initial design ideas via email as well in order to determine if a design consultation is needed.  For general inquiries, email us at or for design-related inquiries, feel free to email our design team directly at

How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled through the Contact tab of our website. If there are no time slots shown online that work for you, please feel free to call or email us directly at 303.957.6502 or and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Can I schedule an appointment if I live outside of the Denver area?

No problem.  We’re a tech-savvy, innovation-forward jewelry company, so if you’d like to do an E-Meeting over the phone or web using Skype, Go To Meeting, or whatever program is your fancy, just let us know.

Where do we meet to begin the design process?

Our design studio is currently located in the Lower Highlands in Denver, Colorado. However, if you are short on time or prefer to meet somewhere other than our showroom, let us where is most convenient and we’ll come to you.

How do you select your materials?

All diamonds, gems, and metals are hand selected to be specific to your custom designed piece. Choosing the right diamond is a vital part of the design process and we are here to walk you through without inundating you with the details on diamond C’s. We use only diamonds and gemstones that meet our high standards of quality and appearance in all our pieces; after all, our name is on the jewelry as well. We make diamond selection an easy process by only showing you great diamonds hand-selected just for you, so no bad choices are even an option. We love to make alternative engagement rings too, so we’re great at using gemstones instead of the more traditional diamond options should that be our clients’ preference.  We can create a custom piece using a variety of stones including; pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, blue-green sapphire, peach sapphire, purple sapphire, ruby, emerald, pink morganite, iolite, opal, etc. All of these stones are hand selected as well to ensure that they fit your vision for the custom piece.

Do you use fair trade diamonds or gemstones? Do you abide by the Kimberly process?

We make sure that all the stones used in our designs are Kimberly process approved. This means that stones have been approved by a committee whose purpose is to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. However, we understand that the Kimberly Process is not yet all encompassing in terms of ethical sourcing and sustainability by only vaguely defining what is considered a conflict diamond and leaving room for human rights issues. Therefore, in order to accommodate clients who value higher standards regarding the ethics and sustainability around stone sourcing, we will go above and beyond the Kimberly Process to find you a diamond or gemstone that has been truly and more accurately sustainably sourced.

Do you deliver?

We at Abby Sparks pride ourselves on making our clients lives easy by catering our services in a ‘Mobile/Traveling Jeweler’ manner.  We understand how busy life can be, so part of our concierge services include us meeting you in the Denver area where/when it’s most convenient. As we expand we hope to provide delivery to a wider range of clients both locally and nationally given the popularity of our mobile design consultations and delivery services.

Do you serve international clients?

We at Abby Sparks pride ourselves on making our clients lives easy by catering our services in a ‘Mobile/Traveling Jeweler’ manner.  We understand how busy life can be, so part of our concierge services include us meeting you in the Denver area where/when it’s most convenient. As we expand we hope to provide delivery to a wider range of clients both locally and nationally given the popularity of our mobile design consultations and delivery services.

How much will my custom engagement ring cost?

Our custom engagement rings start at $5,000 and go up from there based on design, stones, and metal choice. The $500 you put down for a loaner ring goes towards the cost of your custom engagement ring.

What kind of experience should I expect?

When you create a custom engagement ring with Abby Sparks Jewelry you’ll experience our full concierge service from sketches to final delivery and beyond. Read more about our unrivaled concierge experience or our Custom Design Process.

What if we lost or want to keep The Loaner Ring?

We’ve seen people grow attached and want to keep the loaner as a souvenir. A sparkly reminder of their creative proposal. From time to time people also lose their loaner rings. In these cases, you buy the ring for $250, and $250 goes towards the cost of your final engagement ring.

More questions? Get in touch with us! 303.957.6502 or