How to Clean & Care – Abby Sparks jewelry is best cleaned using an anti-grease dish soap and warm water. We suggest liquid Dawn or any comparable liquid dish-soap. Do not use a polishing cloth on our matte jewelry nor our plated jewelry, as it will ruin the finish. We also do not recommend the use of brushes, solvents, or any other harsh cleaning methods. Nor are we a fan of ultrasonic cleaners, especially to clean jewelry that contains gemstones, as it can damage the stones. For not only Abby Sparks jewelry, but for all jewelry that contains gems or diamonds set in precious metal, we recommend that you ask your local jeweler to inspect your jewelry every 6 months to ensure that no stones are loose from normal wearing habits. Without routine inspection, stones become loose in their settings over time and can fall out. With proper care, you can avoid replacing stones and keep your jewelry in superb condition for future generations. If you don’t live in the Denver Metro area, be sure to use a reputable, craftsmanship-oriented jeweler (not a mall or chain store jeweler!) unless you’d prefer to ship us your piece so we can ensure it’s best care.
Check for Loose Stones – We recommend having your jewelry checked for loose stones every 6-8 months, as diamonds and stones love to get free of metal. We are happy to check your Abby Sparks original jewelry and/or if you are outside the Denver metro area, feel free to ship us your piece. Ship it to us via USPS registered mail to: 3216 Tejon St, Suite #200, Denver CO 80211.

Annual Cleaning – We recommend that your Abby Sparks original jewelry item be professionally cleaned once a year. Please call us and we’re happy to set up a time to clean your ring. If you live outside the Denver Metro area, be sure to use a reputable, craftsmanship-oriented jeweler (not a mall or chain store jeweler!) unless you’d prefer to ship us your piece so we can ensure it’s best care.

Re-polish every 2-3 years depending on care– Sometimes you just need that extra bit of sparkle! We are happy to re-polish your piece and get it shining like new. Depending on how you wear your piece, we recommend having your piece polished up ever couple of years. Feel free to contact us directly to set up a polishing and/or cleaning appointment.

Repair – While we hate to hear about an Abby Sparks piece breaking, it does happen, so we are happy to repair any Abby Sparks original piece back into its perfect form. Please call our office during regular business hours to inquire about our repair costs should you need a repair, as our repair rates vary based on the piece and associated repair needed.

Ring Sizing – We are happy to size or re-size your ring. Typically, most ring resizing costs are in the range of $65-$95 for average rings. Email or call us to inquire about ring sizing options.

Mail-in Sizers – Unsure of your ring size for your custom ring? If you’re not in the Denver metro area, feel free to email us at and request a ring sizer. We will pop one in the mail to you in a jiff! Be sure to let us know your
preferred mailing address.

Jewelry Care Costs – As a service to our clients, Abby Sparks will provide complimentary inspections and cleanings for any Abby Sparks original piece of jewelry. For our clients in the Denver Metro area, we throw “Dirty Parties” periodically throughout the year so our clients can have their Abby Sparks jewelry inspected and cleaned over cocktails and snacks while also catching a sneak peak of new designs. For more information, sign up for our newsletter to be in the know about our next Dirty Party. If you reside outside the Denver area and are not able attend a VIP event, we are happy to conduct these services via mail. We are thrilled to be able to offer these concierge services to ALL Abby Sparks Jewelry clients.

Our Promise – Lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and integrity of pieces provided that Abby Sparks original jewelry has a quality-assurance and loose-stones checkup every 6 months by Abby Sparks Jewelry, and/or a credible jeweler of client’s choice if client is outside of the Denver area.


Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Since we’re a boutique jewelry company by appointment only, feel free to contact us at the hours & days that are most convenient for you.
Yep, you might actually reach us at 11pm on a Friday working late at our showroom, so it’s worth a try. If we don’t pick up, be sure to leave us a message so we can get back to you. All e-mail and voice messages are typically answered within 24-hours or during the next business day.


We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. We will repair our jewelry free of charge within 1 year of purchase, based on normal and prudent jewelry-wearing practices. See our Jewelry Care for how to best take care of your Abby Sparks original. In the unlikely case that your jewelry is broken, please email us at for a repair authorization. Please include your name and address, original invoice number, and the reason for repair in the email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Collection Jewelry
Fine jewelry from our collection (not custom jewelry) can be returned for a refund within 10 days of purchase or from the date the order is received if shipped. Please contact us at and include a note with your order number stating why you are returning the merchandise. We will email you a return authorization number within 24 hours.

In order to properly protect the jewelry, you may use the original packaging, however, be sure to black out or cover any additional ship labels that may be on your return package. Otherwise, please package the item safely in a secure box to ensure the jewelry doesn’t get damaged. Enclose your receipt and return authorization number. For your protection, fine jewelry returns should be insured for their full value. Feel free to return your package via the carrier of your choice with return signature required. Abby Sparks is not responsible for returned items not received. You will be notified by e-mail once your return is processed and complete.
Please allow 7-10 business days from when we receive your item for your refund to post to your account.

Custom Jewelry
Our custom, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry cannot be returned or exchanged since it’s made from scratch and designed just for you. Abby Sparks stands by our commitment to providing clients with concierge service and we strive to ensure their satisfaction, so if for some reason the custom jewelry does not meet your expectations, please immediately contact Abby at or 303.957.6502. Deposits on custom jewelry are non-refundable, however, should a personal situation arise while your jewelry item is still being created, we will do our best to halt production a.s.a.p. and make special considerations for your piece.


Standard- In-stock orders received Monday-Friday in between the hours of 9am-5pm MST will ship out within 2-5 days of order placement. All orders totaling $150.00 or above qualify for free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.
Orders received on Saturday & Sunday will be processed the next business day. Abby Sparks does not ship orders on most major holidays.
Backorder and made-to-order items are guaranteed to ship within 4-6 weeks of placing an order or as soon as they become available. For expedited shipping, please email us at or call us at 303.957.6502 for details and shipping costs.
VIP- Orders totaling $1500 and above qualify for VIP treatment with complimentary 2-day shipping anywhere in the U.S.


We have made every effort to accurately display the colors of our products on our website and online, however, actual colors may vary slightly due to slight variations in 100% natural, precious and semi-precious stones. Products are subject to availability, and if an item becomes out of stock before the order is accepted, we shall notify you as soon as possible.


Custom fine jewelry totaling more than $5,000 comes with an Abby Sparks Appraisal that can be submitted for insurance coverage. An Abby Sparks Appraisal for custom jewelry under $5,000 is available upon request. Once Abby Sparks has delivered a custom jewelry item to its owner, Abby Sparks no longer provides insurance coverage. We recommend that clients obtain insurance coverage immediately upon receiving their custom jewelry. We recommend Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for the depth and quality of their coverage, to include repairs and replacements. Abby Sparks Jewelry has no affiliation with Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance nor Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.


At any time, clients can trade in their original Abby Sparks diamond for a bigger and better diamond provide the diamond is undamaged, unaltered, and at least 0.5 carats in weight. We’ll gladly apply the original value of the diamond(s) towards the purchase price of the new, larger diamond(s) made into a new, custom Abby Sparks Jewelry jewelry piece. Certain semi-precious stones may fall under our “trade up” policy, however, it depends on type of stone, cut, size, and color quality.


Our small, boutique business allows us to cater our concierge jewelry services to a few people versus the masses. This means our little shop depends on the voice of satisfied clients and their referrals. For every referral that turns into a custom jewelry piece, no matter the jewelry type, cost, design, etc. we will give you a $100 Abby Sparks Gift Card to be used however you’d like.


When you don’t know what kind of jewelry they’ll love, opt for the 100% hero route: The Gift Card. Then the lucky giftee can either treasure hunt our fine jewelry collection for a ready-to-wear piece or they can sit down with a designer and work one-on-one to create the ring of their dreams. …or necklace, earrings, bracelet, or any other crazy, fabulous metal bauble.


Abby Sparks values its customers and respects their privacy. We guarantee that any and all information you provide will remain strictly confidential and safely stored. No information about the visitors to our site will be sold, shared or made accessible to any entity foreign to Abby Sparks Jewelry, LLC and Any and all customer information is held in the strictest of confidence.

Your online credit card transactions are secure at We use Secure Socket Layering (SSL), the industry-standard encryption technology that ensures safe internet transmission of your personal information. Making a credit card purchase is just as safe on our web site as it is by telephone.