Want to break up the cost of your jewelry into monthly payments or have more budget to work with? Abby Sparks Jewelry has partnered with Synchrony Financial to offer their Luxury Card to our clients with 6, 12, or 18 month financing options with 0% interest* and no sign up fees.

Interested in applying? Read the terms and conditions. Please call our studio at 303.957.6502 for application instructions and have 2 forms of ID ready.

Have subprime credit or aren’t sure if you’ll get approved? Synchrony allows you to file with a joint applicant.

Still wondering if engagement ring financing is right for you? Read why it’s worth considering for everyone.


Want to skip the credit card and  finance your jewelry directly with Abby Sparks Jewelry? We offer our old school Layaway Program that can be  adjusted to your unique needs

Layaway Payment Options

3-month layaway:

  1. <50% of total price down in first month to start the custom piece
  2. 25% of total price due second month
  3. 25% of total price due in third month before pickup

6-month layaway:

  1. 50% of total cost paid in first month to start the custom piece
  2. 10% of total cost paid each month until pickup after final payment.

To learn more, book a complimentary consultation.


*0% when you pay within the promotional period, pending approval from Synchrony Financial.

*Terms and Conditions*

*Terms and Conditions*

ASJ keeps your card on file – payments come out the 1st or 15th of every month (client decides). 3 Month Layaway: 8% financing assessed months two and three. 6 Month Layaway: 12% financing assessed months two through six. If payment isn’t made on due date, a $25 late fee will be assessed. Jewelry is released/delivered upon final payment received.If your layaway account goes unpaid for 30 days, Abby Sparks Jewelry reserves the right to cancel the layaway, and to place the item back into stock or cancel the design. No refund for the design document and no refund for previous payments will be issued.