Creative and Unique Luxury Gift Experience for Her

Don’t know what to get your wife or girlfriend but need something luxe? The most memorable gifts for women typically fall into two categories: getting her jewelry or giving her an unforgettable experience. Knock it out of the park with this creative present that gives her the best of both worlds.

Voted Denver’s Best Jewelry Designer, we know that many of you want to buy your partner jewelry for the holidays but have no idea what your wife, girlfriend, or even mom would like.

Enter Loaner Bling, a creative solution that gives her a thoughtful gift to open, as well as the once-in-a-lifetime chance to design her own one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry–a luxurious, totally unique present she’ll never forget.


1. Purchase Loaner Bling, a classic solitaire necklace gift wrapped just for her to open and wear over the holidays
2. She gets to work with a private jeweler and design what she really wants, your purchase going toward the final cost
3. She gets the surprise of opening a gift, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be commemorated forever in jewelry. You’ve just gotten the best holiday gift ever, no stress.


1. You want to buy her jewelry but don’t know her style. Loaner Bling let’s you give her the gift of custom jewelry, and the experience of designing it herself. She gets to decide if she wants a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings, what types of stones she wants and what type of metal she prefers.
2. You want to spoil her and give her a totally unforgettable and lavish gift. Jewelry is a one of the best gift ideas for women. Letting her design her own completely custom and personalized piece of jewelry is an experience reserved for very few people. It’s over-the-top luxurious, meaningful, and sentimental.
3. She’s the type who wants nothing and has everything. When you know each other so well, it can be really difficult to think of something she doesn’t have, something you haven’t already done, and something that will totally surprise her. Trust us, she’ll never see this outside-the-box present coming!



The Loaner Bling package comes with our concierge services. Whether you have questions or need advice on planning for your gift, we’re here for you. When you receive your Loaner Bling package it will include;

  • Loaner bling necklace
  • Gift wrapped necklace box
  • Information on the next steps for designing her custom jewelry

After you’ve given her the gift of custom jewelry, our informational insert will help explain the next steps to her. Give us a call if you have questions. Check out our Custom Design Process for an overview of our design process for creating your custom jewelry. Visit our FAQ or call us at (303) 957-6502, for more information.



What kind of experience should I expect?
When you create custom jewelry with Abby Sparks Jewelry you’ll experience our full concierge service from sketches to final delivery and beyond. Read more about our unrivaled concierge experience or our Custom Design Process.

What if I am not in Denver?
Abby Sparks Jewelry has worked with clients from Italy to NYC. We can ship The Loaner Bling to you and work with you remotely to create your custom design.

What if we lost or want to keep The Loaner Bling?
We’ve seen people grow attached and want to keep the loaner as a souvenir, a sparkly reminder of their creative gift. From time to time people also lose their loaner necklace. In these cases, you buy the bling for $250, and $250 goes towards the cost of your final jewelry.  



Orders placed by 12pm during normal business hours are eligible for same day pick-up. The $500 cost of The Loaner Bling will not be refunded if you choose not to make custom jewelry with Abby Sparks Jewelry. You have 30 days to begin our custom design process after purchasing The Loaner Bling. You may keep The Loaner Bling as a placeholder until your final jewelry is finished. We expect normal wear on the bling. Any damage exceeding normal wear will result in a $250 charge. Abby Sparks Jewelry reserves the right to determine normal wear.

You put down $500 for The Loaner Bling gift. It’s non-refundable and goes towards the cost of your final custom bling. You return the loaner when your final custom piece of jewelry is finished.
OUR CUSTOM JEWELRY STARTS AT $5,000 and varies depending on on design, stones, and metal choice. The $500 you put down goes towards the cost of your custom jewelry. Visit our FAQ, or call us (303) 957-6502, for more information.