To most, engagement rings are more than just a piece of jewelry. It’s the culmination of a relationship’s happiest memories, most difficult challenges, promises made, and the future it has in store.

This ring embodies the meaning behind those two big words: I do.

Those two words, and this little ring, symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of two people who found their soulmate. That may all sound like a fairytale, but this kind of love is worth recognizing, and celebrating.

To those who believe that a ring is part of that recognition, a mass-produced ring may not feel as unique or meaningful as the love they are celebrating. We believe that no spark is the same, and we want to make rings for those people who just need something more.

Our custom made rings are one of a kind, and never duplicated. We want your engagement ring to honor your love story. Think of this blog as a storybook, and each ring is a chapter in another couple’s lives. Whether you’re here because you’re up next to rock a custom ring on your finger, or you’re looking for some ring inspo, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Evelyn Diamond Starburst Signet Ring

This diamond starburst ring is both beautiful and sentimental. This ring was made using the diamonds from the ring her grandfather used to propose to her grandmother. She wanted something new because the old ring caught on things and was at risk of breaking. The pattern of the diamonds is inspired from the original ring and there is a hidden heart on the bottom of the band, a special tribute to her loved ones.

The Sanka Ethical Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring

The wearer of this ring wanted it to be completely ethically made. So, we used 100% recycled metals (like always), in addition to a Canadian diamond, conflict free sapphires from Montana, and lab grown alexandrite. This ring matched her down to earth personality, her yoga instructor lifestyle, and gave her peace of mind that everything was ethically sourced and socially responsible.

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The Kelsey Sapphire Half Halo Engagement Ring

This vintage style ring was designed for a Peace Corps volunteer. Just like the Sanka, this ring is completely ethically made. All of the stones are lab created, and the metals are 100% recycled. A mix of round, pear, and marquise shaped diamonds make up the halo for a modern floral feel.

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The Mandi Raw Diamond Rose Gold Ring

This ring is a beautiful combination of dark and light details that come together for an overall organic feel. The center stone is a raw, gray diamond, offset by an asymmetrical diamond cluster. The band is a brushed, matte, rose gold to maintain an earthy and edgy vibe.

The Moo Oval Smokey Grey Rose Cut Engagement Ring

The Moo is a gorgeous ring, with the cutest secret meaning. While most of our rings are named after the person they were designed for, this ring was named after the couple’s adorable dog, Moo. The center stone is a natural, rose cut, gray diamond, set in between two diamond clusters. The unique stone in a more traditional setting created the perfect ring for this dog-loving duo.

The Erica Geometric Triangle Alternative Engagement Ring

While this ring does use heirloom diamonds, it’s anything but old fashioned. This ring is a completely unique twist on the solitaire engagement ring look. The main center stone is surrounded by geometric shapes and negative space to give this ring a fun, bohemian feel. The bottom half halo uses both heirloom diamonds, and ones we sourced as well.

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The Black Beauty Meteorite Engagement Ring From Mars

This ring is truly otherworldly, the main stone is a real meteorite found in the African Sahara. The long, tentacle like prongs hold the meteorite in place and the band is dotted with scattered round diamonds. The hammered yellow gold and tasteful negative space make it safe to say there’s no other ring like this on Earth.

The Holland Art Deco Starburst Engagement Ring

This art deco style ring shows off a repurposed family diamond, but it’s been tastefully remastered to fit the new wearer’s personal style. With a bursting diamond halo, set in both yellow and white gold, this ring would fit in at a bright, glamorous, Gatsby-like party.

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The Margo Nature Inspired Alexandrite Engagement Ring

This ring was created after the couple was tired of scouring the internet for a nature inspired ring that wasn’t so obvious. We sourced a purple alexandrite stone to keep the ring down to Earth and organic. We then added a diamond halo on either end for that unique touch of nature, and a dreamy final look.

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The Heather Emerald Cut Diamond Double Halo Art Deco Ring

This ring is tasteful with a dramatic flare. The couple came to us wanting an engagement ring upgrade that wowed. Sourcing a glimmering, 3 carat, emerald cut diamond and setting it in an art deco inspired halo was just what they were looking for. The variety of diamond shapes and sizes on top of an emerald green pop of color makes this ring a true showstopper.

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The Sarah Moissanite Constellation Ring

Designed for one of Abby Spark’s very own team members, this ring is fashionable and sentimental. On either side of the center stone are hand carved constellations of the couple’s zodiac signs, and a hidden crescent moon on the bottom. With a moissanite center stone, Canadian diamond accents and recycled metals, this ring was designed with ethics in mind.

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The Brooke Pear Shaped Aquamarine Engagement Ring

This luscious aquamarine center stone is framed with repurposed diamond accents to create a soothing blue feel that’s easy to get lost in. An intricate stone design sitting on a sleek, white gold band, makes this ring really pop.

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The Caitee Rose Cut Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring uses a stunning contrast of color to create a modern, edgy feel. The emerald shape rough diamond is surrounded by a simple, yet stunning diamond halo. The thin band ties the design together for a ring as unique as the woman it was made for.

The Katya Vintage Aquamarine Floral Ring

Using a stunning heirloom aquamarine stone, this ring was designed to shine. The champagne colored aquamarine sits in the middle of a vintage, floral style diamond halo that gives the ring a completely unique shape.

The Colle Oval Diamond Side Stone Cluster Ring

This ring embodies a traditional, delicate design with personal touch of being completely custom made. The classic, three stone engagement ring has the side stones uniquely placed on their sides. The intricate milgrain highlighting glimmering diamonds makes this ring the definition of elegant.

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 Hopefully this blog has provided input on whether a custom ring is right for you. The stories behind them, the thought that goes into every detail, and the love that inspired them is what we live for.

If you’re interested in designing a custom ring with us, call and schedule a complimentary appointment at 303-957-6502, book online, or shoot us an email at hello@abbysparks.com.