Diamond rings should last a lifetime, even if diamond ring trends come and go. As a custom engagement ring designer, we’re always the early adopters of new jewelry trends popping up, but we’ll only make engagement rings that are not only built to last, but designed to be timeless. Here are some of the latest diamond ring trends that we put our stamp of approval on.

The Biggest Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Colored diamonds

(The Kinleigh teal blue diamond solitaire engagement ring)

The last few years have colored stone rings hit the mainstream, as more couples question the idea of an engagement ring needing to be a diamond. Because of this, gemstone rings have become super popular. One drawback? Nothing is as tough as a diamond. A colored diamond ring is a great compromise when you want long term durability, but a fresh take on a classic. And nothing is edgier than choosing a diamond, but saying “no” to the typical colorless stone.

Double diamond bands

(The Leah three stone double band diamond ring.)

The double diamond band look is still pretty alternative, and it’s definitely not for everyone but wow, is it totally jaw dropping. This diamond ring shows the culmination of a few trends: stacking bands, and negative space. It also takes what could be a fairly classic design (a three stone engagement ring) and adds an unexpected element.

Diamond baguette halos

(The Holland Art Deco Starburst Engagement Ring.)

Halo engagement rings have become a new norm and for our engagement rings, halo rings vs non halo rings are split down the middle. One way to freshen up the halo style is to use varying sizes of diamonds, and non-round cut diamonds. Vertically placed diamond baguettes in descending sizes pushes things to the next level. It’s totally new, but it harkens back to the elaborate engagement ring styles of the early 20th century.

Solitaires with thick bands

(The Margie custom round brilliant diamond engagement ring.)

You know the super dainty stacking bands and delicate solitaire engagement rings that have been everywhere for the past few years? This is the reaction to that fragility. Think about it: an engagement ring is supposed to last for the rest of your life. It’s a major investment, so why not build it to last in a super sturdy chunky band? More brides are feeling comfortable rocking thick, power bands and loving the bonus: the thicker band actually makes your diamond look bigger.

Geometric shaped settings

(The Lisa rose gold octagon diamond ring.)

A round cut diamond in a classic setting will still likely always be the most popular choice, but we’re seeing more shape play than ever before. Our brides are still sticking with the classic diamond shape, but setting the stone in hexagon, octagon, and triangle heads. Placing prongs at strategic points help to reinforce the feel of the new shape, like The Lisa (above) with 8 prongs in the octagon head, and 3 prongs for the triangular accent diamond.

As we move into 2019, you’ll see more and more of these styles flooding your Insta feed. One thing is for sure: diamonds are here to stay, but what you do with them is getting more and more unique each year.