Picking out the perfect engagement ring for your partner can be intimidating, but you also need to know how to figure out ring size secretly, if you want the proposal to be a surprise. This may seem like an impossible task, but we’re sharing tips and tricks to determine ring size, how to measure ring size at home, and the average ring size if all else fails so that you can use to make sure the ring fits when you’re ready to propose.

How to Measure Ring Size With Paper

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This may be the most obvious but overlooked way to find your partner’s ring size. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and a ring they already own. A ring she usually wears on her right ring finger and that is not too valuable (in case of emergency misplacing or her thinking it’s missing) would be the optimal choice. Once you’ve got the ring, lay it flat on a piece of paper and outline the inner and outer circles to achieve an accurate representation of its circumference. If the ring does not lay flat enough because the setting is too large, you can measure the diameter of the ring with a ruler or draw a line between the two sides of the band. A jeweler like us should be able to decipher ring size from this measurement.

Find Out Ring Size with Soap

An effective method of helping your jeweler figure out the perfect size for an engagement ring is to make your very own 3D imprint. Soap, in this case, is your best friend. Again, you’ll need your partner’s ring and a bar of soap (make sure it’s warmed slightly so that it’s malleable). Push the ring firmly into the bar of soap and voilá! You now have an etch of her ring. Just remember to clean the ring afterwards to get rid of any soap residue. We don’t want to raise any red/soapy flags.

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Size a Ring for “Someone Else”

How are your acting chops? You can ace the surprise factor of your proposal AND get your information straight from the source if you can pull this off without breaking a sweat. In a very smooth, subtle way, you may decide to talk to your partner about a “potential” ring you’re thinking about buying your sister/mom/aunt/grandma etc. Tell them you are confused about how to choose this person’s ring size and it would therefore help if you they told you their for reference. To pull this off, you must keep the conversation casual and the story believable.

Go With the Most Common Ring Size

We see lots of people in our studio who want to propose but are clueless about ring size, and not in a position to sneak off with a ring their partner already wears. In this case, it’s totally normal to look to the most common ring sizes for women (right around a 7) and for men (typically 8.5). If you show us a picture of your partner or describe their body type and build, we can get even closer to finding out the perfect size.

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How to Guess Ring Size? Just Ask.

If the discussion of marriage has been on the table for some time (as is the case with most couples) and you’re a straightforward person, you may just want to take the easiest route and ASK! Your partner can know that a potential proposal is somewhere far out on the horizon without it losing any magic. After all, she won’t know the the place or time and you can absolutely keep the actual ring you’ve chosen a total secret. If she isn’t sure what her size is or if she doesn’t wear rings regularly there are printable ring sizing guides for you to print out at home.

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All of these ideas should result in a close approximation of size, but of course the most foolproof method of getting the right ring size is to actually be measured by a jeweler. If not, we are able to resize rings so long as the change in size isn’t too big. An effective way to avoid this problem altogether is by choosing to go with a loaner ring; a temporary engagement ring you can propose with and she can wear until she gets the real deal, her dream engagement ring.