Spring is here which means warmer weather, longer days, and lots of change! This is a season full of transformations. Flowers that hid from the cold of winter are in bloom, trees are sprouting lush green leaves, and adorable baby animals are taking their first steps. For all the outdoor enthusiasts out there, spring is the ideal season for all day nature hikes and perfect camping weather. And for all those in love, spring is a wonderful time to make the biggest transformation of all: getting engaged! If you’re planning on getting engaged this season and love all things nature, why not incorporate that into your engagement ring design? We’ve put together a list of nature inspired, engagement ring ideas for all the outdoor lovers out there.

The Julia


(The Julia custom engagement ring made exclusively by Abby Sparks Jewelry)

April showers DO bring May flowers. Florals are the most obvious clue that spring is here. From lilacs to marigolds, there are over 20 different kinds of flowers that bloom this season. If you love the outdoors, you’ll understand that there is nothing more breathtaking than looking out into a field of spring flowers. Flowers have inspired gorgeous designs and works of art throughout history. Ancient Egyptian artists and craftsmen often made earrings and pendants in the image of flowers. It’s no secret that flowers are popular in jewelry design due to their symmetrical design and endless diversity. For those who are searching for a ring that is feminine and dainty, but has a mighty sparkle, a flower inspired design is the way to go. Create an engagement ring like the Julia. This platinum and 14k rose gold engagement ring features a stunning 1.78 carat diamond center stone. Not only is the diamond eye-catching, but the dazzling halo of diamonds resembles a flower and adds more sparkle to the ring.


The Angila

White gold princess cut center diamond with accent diamonds custom engagement ring

(The Angila custom engagement ring made exclusive by Abby Sparks Jewelry)

Not only are flowers great to look at, they are also symbolic. For example, a gift of chrysanthemums means the giver is telling you “you’re a wonderful friend,” while roses symbolize being in love, admiration, or devotion. Even if you don’t know the meaning behind your favorite flower, it can have significant memories and personal meaning to you. Is there a type of flower that grows on you and your love’s favorite picnic or camping spot? When your significant other surprises you with fresh picked flowers, is there a specific one they know is your favorite? Whatever the meaning, create an engagement ring inspired by your favorite florals. Our client knew that his sweetheart Angila’s favorite flower is the tulip. She loves receiving a huge bouquet of tulips every Easter from him, and he loves that tulips stand for perfect, enduring love between partners. He worked with us to create an engagement ring with a unique tulip design. With it’s one-of-a-kind, intricate band and 1.4 carat diamond, this 18k white gold engagement ring had Angila saying yes to forever.

The Heather

custom rough diamond engagement ring angle

(The Heather custom engagement ring made exclusively by Abby Sparks Jewelry)

Nature inspired jewelry mimics the earth. This means gentle curving lines, delicate and bold forms, organic shapes, and unique gemstones. From abstract patterns to true-to- life motifs, there is lots of great engagement ring design inspiration that can come from nature. Our client and his love Heather enjoy spending early mornings in national parks. Whether it is to hike, bird watch, or get some quick fresh air, they find themselves being pulled to nature. He wanted to propose to Heather with an engagement ring that showcases their love for the outdoors. We created a ring for Heather with a unique band incorporating wrapping vines to remind her of all the time they spend outdoors together. This 14k white gold engagement ring has natural elements in the band, and earth tones in the gorgeous, rose cut brown diamond, making it an alternative and one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

The Amber

Custom rose gold, all repurposed heirloom upcycle diamonds engagement ring

(The Amber custom engagement ring exclusively made by Abby Sparks Jewelry)

One of the best things about winter being officially over is that we’re saying goodbye to cold weather! Spring has arrived, and with it, lots of vitamin D and warm temperatures. If you or your partner are the happiest spending times outdoors under the sun, incorporate that feeling into a piece you’ll wear everyday. Featured in National Jeweler’s Amanda’s Style: Bursts of Light, the Amanda 14k rose gold, repurposed engagement ring showcases a unique design that is inspired by bright bursts of sunshine. Curving lines and diamond melee create whimsical sun beams that shoot out of a sparkling diamond center stone. Perfect for those who love to stand out and shine, this ring will have you feeling cheerful and warm even when it’s cloudy outside.

The Tom

Unique wedding ring platinum diamond tom

(The Tom custom men’s wedding band exclusively made by Abby Sparks Jewelry)

If you’re like our client Tom, the outdoors is your second home.. Trails, hikes, and outdoor activities are his hobby and he wanted to carry the spirit of nature with him everyday. We helped Tom create an engagement ring inspired by the Colorado mountains. This men’s engagement ring is matte finished and slightly hammered for texture to represent Tom’s rustic style. With comfort and an active lifestyle in mind, the band is comfort fit and made of platinum which is more durable than other metals. A mountain range is engraved in the band to reflect his passion for mountaineering and love of Mother Nature. Perfect for those who value spending time in their favorite outdoor places, create a ring like the Tom.

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