Shopping together for an engagement ring may seem like the perfect solution to a common problem for most men: how could you pick out an engagement ring for her when you couldn’t even begin to imagine how to pick out a pair of jeans? But then there’s that pesky societal expectation that the proposal be a surprise. Does this mean you can’t go engagement ring shopping together? We don’t think so. In fact, our experience with couples getting engaged has given us the belief that there are several benefits to ring shopping with your fiancée-to-be.

Do Couples Look at Engagement Rings Together?

Absolutely! If the idea of an engagement has been on the table for a while many couples choose to explore engagement ring options together long before the proposal actually happens. Whether it’s window shopping jewelry stores at the mall or looking at rings together online, there are many couples who talk openly about the ring. And the pros to engagement ring shopping together are simple: if she’s involved in the process, it guarantees she’ll love the ring she’ll be wearing the rest of her life. It’ll also get you both on the same page in regard to budget, style, and stone choices. Furthermore, you’ll empower her to have a say in the thing she’s going to have to wear and look at everyday for decades to come. Regardless of what she may say about “not really caring” what the ring looks like, everyone has opinions – especially on something that is so personal and meaningful.

Will Ring Shopping Together Take Away From the Proposal?

Shopping for an engagement ring together is a romantic adventure in and of itself. If you take her shopping and it’s a total surprise, she’ll be thrilled by the spontaneity. If you plan out a trip together, she’ll still get to gush about it to her friends and look forward to it. The reality is, if you’ve been dating for a while and it’s clear both of your intend on marriage, your girlfriend is expecting a future proposal already. This means, even if you bring her in on the rock hunt, you won’t actually be taking away from the magic of the proposal. After all, you can keep the when, where, or how of the proposal a total secret.

Still Not Sure if You Should Go Ring Shopping Together?

No worries! Get her a temporary engagement ring so you can still ace that ultimate surprise proposal. With our loaner ring, you can propose to your girlfriend with a beautiful solitaire engagement ring she’ll love, while also giving her the opportunity to design her own engagement ring and be a part of our custom design process. We want your proposal to be a fun, stress-free experience. By choosing the loaner ring your focus can remain on the moment and she can create the ring she’s always wanted.

The bottom line: do what you believe is best for your partner and you. An engagement is a big step in any relationship, and you deserve to have a proposal that is special and memorable. Creating an engagement ring together may add a layer of the adventure, romance, and meaning to the process.