Meteorite Engagement Ring From Mars

Designers’ Notes:
A meteorite engagement ring from Mars. Really. Serafina’s fiance wanted to give her the universe, so he hired a meteorite hunter to find the perfect space rock. Crawling tendril prongs claw the Black Beauty Martian meteorite that was found in the African Sahara. Hammered yellow gold split bands flow organically to create contrast with the airy negative space and rough, imperfect rose cut diamonds.

Metal: 14k yellow gold
Stone: 2.08g Martian meteorite; 0.40 ctw diamond melee
Price: Starting at $29,000

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Note: This meteorite engagement ring from Mars was designed and named for an Abby Sparks Jewelry client. If you are inspired by this ring and would like to create one with Abby Sparks Jewelry please email our design team or book an appointment. Financing available.