Fibonacci Spiral Earrings

A note from our client Vicky:
My Mom (Jan) died in October 2012. She left her jewelry to me. Until recently, Mom’s jewelry had been sitting in our safe. A few years ago, I visited a local jeweler. I took Mom’s jewelry with me. I told this jeweler that I wanted to use the stones to create a new piece of jewelry for me that would honor my Mom. Suffice it to say that I was not impressed. The rings went back into our safe.

In late May of this year, my brother-in-law died. As my husband Larry and I drove back from dealing with his affairs, I told Larry that it was time for me to finally do something with Mom’s rings. I googled jewelry design companies in the Denver area. Abby Sparks Jewelry showed up. After I read through some of the comments, I called and made an appointment.

Larry and I met with Maddie and Ali from Abby Sparks in late June. Both of these women took time to get to know the two of us. They spent an hour or so asking us various questions regarding the earrings I wanted.

A week later, I received a document with three proposed designs. I LOVED all of them. It was difficult for me to choose only one design. Once I did choose one, Maddie and Ali kept interacting with me, providing updates and CAD diagrams of my Jan earrings along the way. In two months’, Abby Sparks Jewelry delivered these beautiful earrings to me created from the diamonds in my Mom’s rings.

Thanks, Abby Sparks Jewelry, for creating this wonderful remembrance of my Mom!!!

Metal: 14k white gold
Stone: 0.54 carat diamond; 0.44 carat diamond; 0.85 ctw diamond melee
Price: Starting at $11,800

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Note: These Fibonacci Spiral earrings were designed exclusively and named for an ASJ client. The Jan earrings are not available for sale and cannot be replicated. If you are interested in creating your own custom jewelry with family diamonds, you can book an appointment here or contact us at 303-957-6502. Financing available.