Palladium Wedding Band

Designers’ Notes:
A palladium wedding band that was custom designed to be modern and streamlined, we designed Ryan’s ring with different metal finishes for a unique effect. Channels with a matte finish separate the edges of the band from the center to create a consistent, clean look. The center portion of the band features a brushed finish that creates movement. An engraving on the inside reads“adventure together.” The entire ring was cast in palladium for a very contemporary effect.

Metal: Palladium
Price: Starting at $4,000

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Note: The mens palladium wedding band was custom made for an Abby Sparks Jewelry client. The Ryan band is one-of-a-kind, and not available for sale. If you are inspired by this design and interested in creating a custom wedding band, please book an appointment or contact us at 303-957-6502.

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