Colorless diamonds aren’t the only option out there for a diamond center stone. Black diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, blue… the rainbow of color that diamonds come in is nearly limitless. For the bride who has a sharp eye for color, a vibrant personality, and a desire for an out of the ordinary stone, a colored diamond engagement ring will provide the aesthetic she is looking for.

Also referred to as fancy colored diamonds, colored diamonds can occur naturally or undergo color treatment after they are mined. All diamonds are made of billions of carbon bonds, and just one impurity within those bonds is what causes a diamond to bear its color. Boron creates a blue diamond, nitrogen turns a diamond yellow, and changes in electron make up result in a red diamond. Each colored diamond has a unique backstory of its own, and to many people, this “imperfect” structure is what gives colored diamonds their distinct character and charm.

Only one in 10,000 natural diamonds are colored. Orange, green, grey, brown, and black are among the possible colors for fancy colored diamonds. The ever popular “canary” yellow, red, purple, blue, and pink are amongst the rarest diamond colors, as well as most expensive. With their versatility, colored diamonds are able to work their magic as either the main center stone or as smaller accent stones. The color of diamond you select for your engagement ring should complement the metal band settings as well as complexion of the wearer to ensure optimal perfection.

Your favorite color has a stone to match, and serves as perfect way to reflect your personality. Red for the passionate soul, pink for the girly girl, or gray for a chic and a mysterious vibe: there’s a shade out there to color your world. View our custom engagement rings for more inspiration and let us offer our guidance and more on colored diamonds when you design a colored diamond engagement ring at Abby Sparks Jewelry.