If you’re looking for a pop of color in an engagement ring, nothing fits the bill like beautiful, bold lab created gemstones. Mined gemstones can be harmful to the environment and have negative social impact, so if you’re concerned about ethically sourced gemstones, you’ll be happy to know that lab grown stones are an ideal option for your engagement ring. Lab created gemstones are ethical, budget friendly, and just as gorgeous as their mined counterparts. Lab created gemstones are generally of a higher clarity and color grade than naturally forming gems and just as durable. Lab grown gemstones also boast a smaller price tag per carat compared to mined gemstones.

Some of our favorite man made gemstones to work with at Abby Sparks Jewelry include rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. A lab created ruby is the perfect fiery stone for bold individuals that want the impact of a red ruby engagement ring without any of the ethical implications. As a result of the controlled environment that lab grown stones are made in, a lab created ruby bears the same impressive refractive and hardness indexes as its mined counterpart.

The deep hue of sapphire engagement rings are just as gorgeous when the gemstone is made in a lab. Rendered with less inclusions than natural sapphires, synthetic sapphires will radiate with an exceptional crystal clarity. And just like mined sapphires, lab created sapphire can come in an array of different colors. The Kelsey 4.7 carat lab-grown pink sapphire shows just how stunning a lab created stone can be. If you adore emerald engagement rings but don’t love the idea of the stone being pulled from the Earth, lab grown emerald is the way to go. Synthetic emeralds are typically a fraction of the price of natural emeralds, and lab created emeralds often boast higher clarity. The Carmen 1.4 carat lab grown emerald engagement ring features a gorgeous green man made emerald with some serious sparkle.

There are many lab created gemstones to choose from outside of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. If you’d like more information about lab created gem options or would like to custom design an engagement ring with a lab created gemstone, call us or book an appointment to get started.