Alexandrite is a purple-green gemstone that changes it’s color under different types of lighting. It is also known as the birthstone for the month of June, and is related to the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Whether extracted from nature or created in a lab, alexandrite engagement rings are a quick change artist, often noted as the “emerald by day, ruby by night” gemstone. When this gemstone was first discovered in Russia in 1834, it was mistaken for emerald. It wasn’t until the light changed that the miners realized they had discovered an entirely new gemstone, and it was given the name “alexandrite” for the Russian Tsar Alexander II. Glistening under sunlight, alexandrite stones appear a vivacious teal-green color, but when paired with artificial or incandescent light, a deep purple or magenta color takes over. With such duality, alexandrite engagement rings are perfect for the free spirited soul.

These color changing gemstones reign as one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones in all of the world. Alexandrite value is determined by purity of color and color transition. Its 8.5 Mohs scale of hardness ranking make it a good contender for engagement rings. If you don’t want a traditional diamond or a traditional gemstone engagement ring, consider a color changing alexandrite and get the hues of multiple precious gems all in one hard working stone. The Margo Nature Inspired Alexandrite Ring, for example, uses a combination of diamonds and alexandrite in a white gold setting to create a classic engagement ring with a modern take. Or you can go completely alternative, using alexandrite for it’s more unique qualities like The Katy. For a slightly more understated look, take notes from The Alexandra, which uses smaller  round cut alexandrites as accent stones that compliment a larger round cut diamond.

Consider yourself an intuitive individual? Alexandrites have been credited with strengthening perception and innate awareness. They are often associated with faculties of the mind and cerebal intuition. If the gorgeous appearance and meaningful nature of alexandrite gemstones are leaving you inspired, take it as a sign to include this unique chameleon gemstone into your custom engagement ring design. Book an appointment with our design team to get started creating your alexandrite engagement ring.