Most people are still unfamiliar with the incomparable coolness of a palladium engagement ring. Extraordinarily modern and remarkably stylish, a palladium band will ensure you are rocking a ring that is as unique as you are. At Abby Sparks Jewelry, we love to work with palladium metal and think it’s seriously underrated. Let us introduce you to your new favorite engagement ring metal.

Palladium is naturally white with a soft grey tint, making it perfect for both men’s and women’s bands. Like the bond of the relationship it represents, a palladium engagement ring won’t tarnish and promises to forever remain as vibrant as the day you first set eyes on it. The cool color of palladium metal is a classic pairing with diamonds, like The Tonya diamond and palladium engagement ring. Because of palladium’s versatility, it compliments vibrant gemstones like the green tsavorite garnets in The Stephanie custom palladium ring, and the stunning trillion cut citrine in The Whittney palladium engagement ring.

Palladium is a part of the white metal family. In comparison to platinum, palladium is less dense, less expensive, and appears smoother. In comparison to white gold, palladium is more malleable and thus more expensive. If you have sensitive skin, a palladium ring is a great choice because it is hypoallergenic.

A palladium engagement ring broadcasts how unique your love story truly is. If you are entranced by palladium’s calm and cool intensity, let Abby Sparks Jewelry be your first choice. Book an appointment to get started creating your perfect custom palladium engagement ring.

Note: How to Clean Palladium
Routine cleaning and polishing is necessary to maintain the shine and integrity of palladium For palladium engagement ring with a high polish, buff with a polishing cloth. Do not use a polishing cloth on matte or brushed jewelry as it will ruin the finish. If your palladium ring setting is holding stones, soak your ring in warm water with non-organic dish soap and gently scrub with a soft cloth or very worn old toothbrush. Fine jewelry should be professionally cleaned every six months. For a deeper clean, Abby Sparks Jewelry provides clients with a yearly, complimentary VIP cleaning service to have your palladium jewelry gleaming like new. Contact us to book a time for your jewelry cleaning.