Buy The Loaner Ring


*This is a deposit towards the cost of your final custom piece.

The Loaner Ring is made out of 14k white gold and cubic zirconia.  It’s the perfect low key, sparkly stand-in until we’ve made a custom ring that’s going to make your partner stand out.

Abby Sparks Jewelry is an experience, not a shop. The Loaner Ring comes with a full blown proposal kick-off package to help you and your love celebrate.

The Loaner Ring package includes:

  • Loaner Ring: 14k white gold ring with a 2 carat asscher cut cubic zirconia
  • Abby Sparks Jewelry ring box
  • Petit bottle of Champagne (187 ml)
  • Two champagne flutes
  • Box of champagne candy
  • Rhinestone confetti
  • Information on next steps
  • Abby Sparks Jewelry polishing cloth

This item is eligible for same day pick up in Denver, CO – Order by 12pm and pick up by 6pm

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You put down $500 for The Loaner Ring package. It’s non-refundable and goes towards the cost of your final custom engagement ring. You return the loaner when your final custom piece is finished. Easy does it.

Our custom engagement rings start at $5,000 and go up from there based on design, stones, and metal choice. The $500 you put down for a loaner ring goes towards the cost of your custom engagement ring.
Visit our FAQ, or call us (303) 957-6502, for more information.

What kind of experience should I expect?
When you create a custom engagement ring with Abby Sparks Jewelry you’ll experience our full concierge service from sketches to final delivery and beyond. Read more about our unrivaled concierge experience or our Custom Design Process.

What if I am not in Denver? 
Abby Sparks Jewelry has worked with clients from Italy to NYC. We can ship The Loaner Ring to you and work with you remotely to create your custom engagement ring.

What if we lost or want to keep The Loaner Ring?
We’ve seen people grow attached and want to keep the loaner as a souvenir. A sparkly reminder of their creative proposal. From time to time people also lose their loaner rings.  In these cases, you buy the ring for $250, and $250 goes towards the cost of your final engagement ring.